Voters don’t decide issues, they decide who will decide issues.
— George Will

The Issues

We all have things that matter to us. These are some of the issues that are of concern for me. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and what matters most to you.  



As the husband of an elementary school teacher and proud parent of two school-age children, I believe strongly in the need for Pennsylvania to develop a fair education funding formula that doesn’t put rural districts with limited tax bases such as those in the 193rd at a disadvantage. We have relied for too long on a property tax based system. This needs reform, but it must be combined with a fair school funding formula that makes sure all students in Pennsylvania receive the support they they to succeed.

I also believe our schools should continue to be forward thinking in their approach to education. In many cases they are preparing young people for jobs that have yet to be defined. Our schools need to be supported in taking innovative approaches to curriculum and instruction and have access to the technology and bandwidth they need to accomplish this. 


I have seen firsthand the benefits that state economic policies can bring to companies across the Commonwealth. From the time I was hired as the first employee at AquaPhoenix Scientific, a Hanover-based manufacturing company specializing in water testing kits, I’ve been instrumental in growing the business into a multi-million dollar company. Ensuring state policies that promote economic development and lead to living wages for Pennsylvania families will be a chief priority of mine in office. 

This includes supporting incentives for companies that wish to locate in Pennsylvania as well as helping those that are already here stay in business and flourish. Entrepreneurship is a key piece of the American dream. We have many people with wonderful talents and ideas in our district. Many residents of the 193rd own and operate very successful businesses. We need to do our best to support them.




I’ve talked to many people during my campaign, and none of them are happy with the way Harrisburg is working. Budget stalemates and month-long delays. Important legislation sitting in committee and never coming to a vote. This isn’t how government is supposed to function. I’ll spend my time in Harrisburg working to build relationships with people of all backgrounds and beliefs so that we can find common ground and move Pennsylvania forward.


I believe Pennsylvania must find a way to make sure all of its residents have access to affordable and appropriate health care. Too many people can’t follow their own version of the American dream because they can’t afford healthcare. I’ll make sure vulnerable populations like children and seniors continue to have access to the healthcare they need. 


I want to know what matters to you. Please complete the form below and let me know what issues are on your mind and why. 

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